16 sep. 2010

Hoy estoy en Finlandia....

.... al menos virtualmente, porque estoy como blogger invitada en Metscan un blog hermoso, lleno de estilo y buen gusto en el que es un honor participar. 

No estoy hablando de viajes, sino de minimalismo, de la idea de un guardarropas básico y un poco de mi historia personal. ¡Pasen y vean!

¡Que pasen un hermoso fin de semana!


mujermultitask dijo...

Excelente post Marce! Acabo de leerlo, me encantó besos enormes.

Marcela dijo...

Muchos besos!!!

Paula dijo...

Dear Marcela, sorry I can only post in english (well french or german as alternative). I wanted to say I enjoyed your english posting THAT much, I even printed it and took it to my simple dinner at Vapiano (tomato soup and white bread dunked in salted olive oil). I am sure I will re-read it. Those kids at the door in the last posting should be your kids, right? You know what I like most: the things you write sound very honest. I don't hear mothers admitting they had no live in the first year of their twins. Usualle they say "oh, the husband is such a great suppport etc". Glad I met you at Metscans blog, having met Metscan through LPC who commented once at Faux Fuchsia who I found via googling "Hermes Scarf".

BTW, did you know it is one of the qualification-questions for the Millionaire-quiz in Austria (they call you before I get invited to the casting): name the capital of Cyprus. The time they called my co-worker she did not know the answer. She was so upset after she hung up, I will never forget the capital of Cyprus. Did you know it before moving to Cyprus?

Mrs. Fruticienta dijo...

Al fin puedo entrar desde el celuuuuuu! es un martiriooooo!!!!!
ahhhh! placerrrr leerte!

Average Girl dijo...

Marcela!!!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog today and giving me that fantastic information on Fibromyalgia and Yoga and diet... I really appreciate all the information I can get from it and it was so lovely that you left your comment....

I would so love to follow your blog, but I can't understand it :( If you end up putting a google translate button on your blog, would you come back and tell me and then I would be happy to be one of your followers!

Thanks again so very very much
Tracy @ It's an Average Life

B a la Moda dijo...

Pásalo bien!

B* a la Moda

Average Girl dijo...

Marcela... I so don't think you are crazy person and I completely appreciate the info... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come back and tell me when you start blogging in English... Thanks darlin!

Tracy @ It's an Average Life

Average Girl dijo...

Wow Marcela! I read the post... holy cow girl, you really did your research... That is a great list... tomorrow in fact, I am going to print off the essentials for a great wardrobe... I loved the post.. Thanks again darlin!

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